3D printed puppies, exclusively yours


Here’s a step-by-step guide for a smoother shopping process

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    Choose a colour, size, pose and theme.

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    Add model(s) to your shopping cart and check out.

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    Upload Photos

    Submit photos of your pet taken from various angles (scroll down for photo-taking tips).

    Do send us as many photos of your pet as possible. Should you be unable to do so, we will attempt to create the most accurate scale model based on the provided photos, on a best effort basis.

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    Processing Your Order & Delivery

    The creation and 3D production of your scale model takes up to 4 weeks, after which the model will be delivered to you via Australia Post.

    * We provide free shipping and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

* Please check our Terms of Use for more Payment, Delivery, and Return information.


Here’s some tips to guide you when you snap photos of your pet.
Remember, the better the photos you provide us, the more your scale model resembles your pet.

  • Provide a photo with the highest possible resolution (a 4 megapixel photo is optimum).
  • Ensure photos are not blurry. If need be, turn on the image stabiliser on your camera before taking the photos.
  • Make sure you snap photos of your pet from various angles (front, back, sides etc.).
  • We strongly recommend that you submit at least 10 different photos for us to work on.
  • For a chosen pose (e.g. sitting), please ensure on a best effort basis that your pet maintain the same pose for all the submitted photos.

Upload your pet photos
We create a 3D printed pet